As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrency is the next natural step in the evolution of money. Pi is the first digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.” –Pi Network
The Global Travel Industry 
The international travel and tourist sector was a substantial contributor to the world economy before the COVID-19 epidemic. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that the direct contribution of the travel and tourism industry to the global GDP in 2019 was around $2.9 trillion, or roughly 3.3% of total GDP. The industry's contribution reached roughly 10.4% of the world's GDP in 2019 when taking into account all effects of the industry (direct, indirect, and induced). The industry supported 330 Million jobs all over the world representing 10% of total global employment (direct jobs and jobs indirectly supported by the travel industry. Although the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the preferences and travelling patterns of travelers during the years 2020 to present (2023) still it remains that there is very high cash flow to the travelling industry.
Digital Transformation of The Travel Industry
It was in the 90’s that the travel industry begins to digitalize as online travel agencies (OTAs) allowing online bookings flights, hotels and travel-based services thru the web empowering the consumers access to more travel options and better pricing.
At present, the digitalization of the travel industry is shifting to the mobile applications. Mobile optimized websites are becoming the most used platform for travel purposes, allowing a vast array of services to be catered to travelers such as travel booking, searching for reviews, compare prices, and researching the destinations; under the comfort of their smartphones.Among the most recent advancements in the digitalization of the traveling industry is the inclusion of digital payment solutions. One of the limits of the current digital payments are the exchange currency differential losses. With the development of Pi Network and the availability of pi coins, exchanging money from a currency to another is now bypassed, for the first time in history, we can use a common currency among different countries.
These developments favored the formulation of ourcompany, Pitogo services, which aims to empower the pioneers to be able to use their mined pi for every possible need in the travelling journey. 
 Our Mission: Build a decentralized travel service platform, empowered by pioneers, Pitogo representatives, and travel service providers fully supporting and accepting the pi cryptocurrency, which allows a seamless experience of travelling, catering all the travelling needs using the comfort of a smartphonepowered by pi, the most widely distributed cryptocurrency.
 Our Vision: 
To develop a platform created and maintained by a community of pioneers aiming one goal of travelling with exclusively using pi, the most widely distributed cryptocurrency.
The Pitogo Social Media
A complete travelling experience would always include good memories, and the best way to preserve these memories is to take pictures and videos of your experience. Thepitogo Social Media platform was developed to let the pioneers share and interact socially with other pioneers about all things travelling, sharing pictures and videos of travels, and other things they want to share about. The Social Media platform has grown to also allowing various services including marketplace services, advertisement campaign, content creation, and entertainment, all while earning pi thru points. This development allows pioneers to have an outlet of their travel experience using pi while belonging to a community with shared interests in the pitogo social media.
The Pitogo Travel Platform
ThePitoGo Travel platform https://thepitogo.app is designed to be a one-stop service system from the perspective of travelers in the comfort of a smartphone. The clear, simple, and user friendly screen design and service system allow users to easily select the services they need on this platform,the whole platform is designed for the absolute best user experience the pioneers can have in availing the travel services we offer. Booking and availing the following services using Pi Cryptocurrency has never been so convenient: 
1. Travel Services:
• Accommodation: Book hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and finding local accommodations.
• Dining: Reserve restaurants and ordering food delivery.
• Special Meals: Discover local and unique culinary experiences.
We will provide a vast array of options for the traveler from accommodations up to dining services, such that they can travel with less worries and more memories.
2. Transportation:
• Flight, Train, and Cruise Booking: Easily book tickets for various modes of transportation.
• Local Transportation: Reserve taxis, motorcycles, and bicycles for convenient travel.
We will provide transportation booking services for you to be able to know which options you can avail in your location. 
3. Event Tickets:
• Attractions and Activities: Purchase tickets for attractions, amusement parks, and travel itineraries.
We will also make it available the events in the surrounding areas to provide options to purchase tickets from third-party service providers using our platform.
4. Souvenir Shopping:
• Online Souvenir Purchase: Buy special souvenirs from your travel destination.
• Souvenir Delivery: Convenient door-to-door shipping for hassle-free transport.
travelers can choose also to pay for their memorabilia from their travel destination through our platform.
We provide pitogo wallets to bring the option of depositing ahead or tourists can pay the services they want directly using their pi wallets. When tourists purchase on the platform and perform checkout actions with Pi payment, tourists only need to confirm the payment amount with a tab redirecting them to the pi wallet on the pi browser (wallet.pi), prompting the passphrase to complete the payment quickly, and we will send notification SMS (or Email), safe and reliable.
 Participating stores can set up prepayment and final payment functions in the background to facilitate tourists' payments.
We have a program in place to utilize the pi network community to develop the pi network ecosystem by encouraging pioneers to bring in service providers and incentivizing them in return. The local representative program will allow us to pin point the most productive pitogo representatives and make him the Country Representative, this will shape how the Pitogo will be implemented in all of the countries. It is designed to enhance cooperations between Pitogo and Travel Service Providers willing to accept pi. This will eventually help spring a healthy community of pioneers, representatives, service providers, and our platform with the pi coin at its core.
 //Link to the detailed LRP or LRP dashboard https://thepitogo.app/lrparticipant
To travelers:
Our platform offers a one-stop shop for everything travel related under the convenience of your smartphone and pi wallet; from accommodations to dining services, from planning your travel to sharing pictures and videos, this platform makes travelling more enjoyable and complete and everything will be paid in pi, the world’s most widely distributed cryptocurrency.
 We will establish a Country Representative and Local travel agencies such that our services will be available in every single country in the world with non-stop support 24/7.
To Service Providers (SPs):
By Pi payment method, SPs don't have to wait for 1 hour ~3 days for payment confirmation, all payments are seamless lasting only 1-3 seconds and will go directly to your pi wallet. Our Platform will log everyorder payment for easier tracking of customer payment history. Service Providers will also have a verified page on the Social Media platform for free, to advertise and to update their customers with their latest services and promos. 
To Local Representatives;
Every time services are made, Representatives earn a certain rate of commission from the platform in every Service Provider he/she brought to the platform in Pi cryptocurrency.
 To The Pitogo Platform:
The Pitogo Platform will get some service fees from services providers & traveler payments, for the operating expenses and to keep the platform running.
To the Pioneers: 
We aim to have a platform totally powered by Pi, where everything you need in your travelling will be catered and conveniently available on our platform. The ultimate goal is to empower the pi network ecosystem and to have a sustainable business run by three members of the Pitogo community; Pitogo Representative, Pitogo Service Providers, and the Pioneers. If you are a pioneer and you are thinking where you want to go? remember this: Where to go? Pitogo.