About Pitogo Services

Welcome to Pitogo Services, your gateway to a world of possibilities in the Pi Network ecosystem. We understand the frustrations that many pioneers in the Pi Network have been facing, from the current low mining rates to the lack of places and products to spend their migrated Pi coins. As a 2021 hackathon winner and a trusted ecosystem app endorsed by the Pi Core Team, we are dedicated to providing pioneers with the best value for their Pi coins. Our journey began with a vision fueled by cryptocurrency, community-driven initiatives, and unwavering belief in the ultimate goals of the Pi Network.

Hackathon Winner

Participated and selected as one of top 10 winners on the concluded 2021 pi network hackathon

Trusted Ecosystem App 

Recognized by Pi Core Team as an official testnet ecosystem app, unverified mainnet ecosystem app, currently verifying as official mainnet ecosystem app.

Thousands of Daily Active Real Users

One pi username One pitogo account policy ensures all our users are real humans with 0 bot account, with tens of thousands of daily active users and daily new sign ups.

Dedicated to give pioneers utility to their pi

Develops and maintains projects to enable pioneers to reward their online activity and allow Traveling using Pi


Pitogo Social

Turning Frustrations into Innovation

Traditional social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit primarily generate their revenue by capitalizing on the value created by their users. They profit from user-generated data and content, leaving everyday users without any monetary compensation for their contributions. Platforms such as Goodreads and Google Maps similarly benefit from user-generated reviews without sharing the value created with their dedicated users. The founders of Pitogo Services identified these frustrations and saw an opportunity to rectify this situation through the Pi Network project.

Earning Value with Every Interaction

Many pioneers are currently mining Pi at a rate of approximately 0.2 Pi per day, requiring five days to complete a full Pi. As a result, pioneers are actively seeking additional sources of Pi coins. In Pitogo Social, we reward users for every moment they invest in our platform, recognizing the value of their content, time, and attention. Users earn points for various activities, including posting, reacting, scrolling, commenting, inviting new users, and building a following. These earned points can be converted into Pi cryptocurrency, providing users with the flexibility to withdraw to their Pi wallet or use the Pi coins for various services on thePitogo Social such as buying from the barter marketplace, sending tips to other pioneers, and availing pitogo social pro.

Empowering Pioneers

At Pitogo Social, pioneers now have the opportunity to earn a maximum of 2 Pi per day, surpassing the mining rate for most new users on the Pi Network app. We are proud to have thousands of daily users who enjoy social interactions online while simultaneously earning, effectively pioneering the world's first "scroll-to-earn" platform.

Vision: To be the world's first scroll-to-earn platform in the Pi Network ecosystem powered by Pi, the most widely distributed cryptocurrency.


Pitogo Travel

Explore the World with Pi

Pioneers are a diverse group with various motivations—some are bored, others curious and adventurous. Regardless of their reasons for traveling, they often face the inconvenience and extra costs associated with currency exchange when journeying locally or internationally. The solution to this problem is ThePitogo Travel, where we aim to fulfill all your travel needs using a single currency: Pi cryptocurrency.

Travel Hassle-Free with Pi

We've made it possible for pioneers to access tour packages, hotels, and vehicle rentals without the additional cost and inconvenience of currency conversion. The Pi cryptocurrency is at the heart of our travel platform, simplifying the process and making travel a breeze for pioneers.

Community Collaboration

To further enhance the availability of travel services,Pitogo Travel has developed a program that encourages pioneers to collaborate in building a thriving Pi Network ecosystem. Through our local representative program, pioneers can bring service providers on board and receive incentives in return. This initiative allows us to identify the most productive Pitogo representatives and appoint them as Country Representatives, shaping how Pitogo will be implemented in various countries. This collaboration fosters stronger relationships between Pitogo, Travel Service Providers willing to accept Pi, and the pioneer community, with Pi cryptocurrency as the core of our platform.

Vision: To be the first platform in the world to enable travel using only Pi coins through the collaborative efforts of the pioneer community, service providers, and local representatives.

At Pitogo Services, we're dedicated to offering innovative solutions and opportunities for pioneers in the Pi Network ecosystem. Join us on this journey, where your time and contributions are truly valued and rewarded. Together, we are redefining the future of the Pi Network.